A new member of the MiniFinder family: MiniFinder Multi. Possibility for increased protection through sensors
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Redknows MiniFinder – ”best in test”.
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About Axtech

Axtech AB is a Swedish company with head office in Gothenburg and distributors in several European countries.

Axtech's products bear the redKnows trademark which stands for Swedish quality products, developed and manufactured in Sweden.

Axtech AB is specialized in GPS-controlled communication and navigation, and markets GSM/GPS-based alarm and tracking systems for all types of vehicles and properties. The company is by tradition firmly anchored in the marine sector but has since 2008 expanded into several other markets such as transport, contracting and other outdoor markets.

The redknows brand has a strong reputation for quality and the company has total control over the process from planning a new product until it is introduced to the market. A redknows MiniFinder is developed by Axtech and manufactured in Gothenburg, Sweden.

If you are interested in knowing more about the company or our products, please contact us by clicking the link below.