A new member of the MiniFinder family: MiniFinder Multi. Possibility for increased protection through sensors
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Redknows MiniFinder – ”best in test”.
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MiniFinder Multi

RedKnows MiniFinder Multi is our most complete GPS-alarm with 2 ports for external sensors, one port for relay and a siren. This gives you a possibility to use it as a burglar alarm in your boat or vehicle with closed space. In addition to that MiniFinder Multi also has the basic features of the basic MiniFinder, namely, sending an alert if it is disturbed or moved, and traceablity via GPS and mobile phone.

commun_multi.jpgMiniFinder Multi is a small traceable GPS alarm with built-in antennas that gives its exact position via SMS. MiniFinder Multi sends an SMS to your mobile phone if your property is disturbed or moved. You can call the MiniFinder at any time, to receive it's exact position. You will see exactly where it is located on a map at the mobile phone's display

With the MiniFinder Multi you can increase protection of your property against break-in by adding up to two external sensors, which can be placed in, for example, a garage where the vehicle is parked, or in the cabin of a boat. If a sensor is triggered, you will receive an SMS and the siren will sound.

Add a relay to remotely steer a function with your mobile phone. For example:

- Start the heater or refrigerator in your boat
- Start the bilge pump after received alarm from the water guard
- Turn of the ignition, if the boat or vehicle is stolen.

There are two input sockets for threaded sensors. Choose between:

- Water level sensor
- IR-sensors
- Magnetic switch

The alarm is ready to use as soon as a SIM-card has been inserted. Call it up and you will, within minutes, receive an SMS with a link to a map with the location. Once you have created your personal account on our website, and registered your MiniFinder Multi you can activate the alarm functions:

  • Geofence alarm
  • Vibration alarm
  • Battery alarm
  • External sensor

To activate the alarms, and manage all MiniFinder's settings, you first need to register and configure your product. After sending the information to the MiniFinder, the alarms can be activated. Until this is done, you can always call your MiniFinder and receive it's current position.

MiniFinder Multi is designed to accommodate both vehicles and boats with limited space such as motorcycles, ATVs, contractor equipment, outboard motors but also larger sail boats and buildings where equipment is stored. It is moisture (IP66) and shock resistent. 

MiniFinder Multi features & benefits:


  • An alarm is activated if the property is:
    - Moved (geofence)
    - D
    isturbed (vibration)
    - Low on battery
    - Battery is disconnected

  • External sensors can be added

  • Precise GPS-location on map, sent to your mobile phone

  • Very user friendly product & easy to use

  • No additional costs, except for SMS-traffic

Included in the basic packaging:

MiniFinder Tracking device with:

- GPS antenna, built-in
- GSM antenna, built-in
- Internal battery (approx. 20 h)
Cover with cabling

Remote controller, 1 pc

Charger, 230 V
Cable set for external power supply (1,4 m)
Mounting + screws
Manual in English