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FAQ - Troubleshooting

Below are some common questions that can arise. Note that a question can have more than one answer or explanation.

1. I have started up the alarm but the LEDs are not lit.
A: When the alarm starts up, it always takes 30 seconds before the green LED lights up. The LED dies down after about 1 minute and MiniFinder goes into power-saving mode.

B: The unit is in power-saving mode. Press the SOS button on the remote controller for one second and the LEDs will indicate the alarm's settings for one minute.

2. My MiniFinder's internal battery has been discharged and charging doesn't

seem to be starting - no LEDs are lit, despite the fact that they should be lit during charging.

A: When MiniFinder's internal battery is completely dead, it can take a few minutes before it starts functioning again. MiniFinder starts up again automatically again when the base level of charging has been reached.

3. MiniFinder is not making GPS contact.

A: It could be difficult for GPS to find a sufficient number of satellites to determine position. Move MiniFinder to a more suitable place, preferably outside or close to a window. It will not find position surrounded by metal or in a space with thick concrete walls (or similar). When MiniFinder detects its current position, you can again try placing it where you want it. Check the GPS-coverage by calling the unit, or sending an SMS to it. Carefully check the position coordinates in the SMS you receive.

4. I don't get position coordinates displayed in the SMS when I call the alarm.

A: MiniFinder has poor GPS reception. Move it to another location and try again.

5. I call MiniFinder, but do not receive an SMS back.
A: Check to make sure that:

- Settings (phone numbers) registered on the home page are correct.

- There is money on the SIM card placed inside the MiniFinder

- The SIM card does not have a PIN code, or that voice mail is not activated.

- The MiniFinder SIM card is correctly inserted.

- The mobile phone registered as the user is not a switchboard number.

- The GSM reception in the area is good.

- The external or internal batteries are not discharged and MiniFinder is switched on

- Wait a for a few minutes. Messages can be delayed by the SIM card service provider.

6. MiniFinder does not work abroad – I have bought a local pre-paid card.
A: Some foreign operators require that the SIM card be registered in order for it to be fully functional and/or that the card be activated before use. Check with the sales outlet. Also, check for other restrictions from the phone company.

B: In some cases a subscription card is preferable to a pre-paid card to ensure that SMS communication works.

C: If it is in a country where Axtech has no distribution, you must contact Axtech for more information;
NOTE: As a general rule: In Europe, Axtech tests and recommends SIM-cards from Vodaphone with the MiniFinder.

7. How do I make a service complaint?

A: If you send in your MiniFinder to your retailer or to Axtech for some reason, you should always send it together with a service report and a copy of the purchase receipt. You will find the service report under ”Support”.

8. I get the wrong position when I enter long/lat from the link in my mobile phone at

A: The coordinates in the link to the map image should not be used! Open the link to see the coordinates above the map. Or, if your mobile phone does not support this feature, log in to your account on the website and select ”Show coordinates as text”.

9. I can't open the link to the map in my SMS.

A: Your mobile phone does not have internet/WAP service activated or does not support this service. Read the instruction manual to your mobile phone, or contact the service provider's customer service for information. In the account on you can change the settings to receive SMS with coordinates instead of the map link.

10. I do not receive a Geofence alarm when I drive away.

A: MiniFinder has not had enough time to find it's position. Wait until the red GPS LED stops flashing and changes to a steady glow before you drive away.

B: If an alarm has been triggered once, you need to reset the function by pressing ”standby” on the remote, and then reactivate the alarm of your choice.
C: Make sure that the alarm has been registered on the personalized account on the website.

11. I can't set the alarm for VIB and GEO.

A: First you have to create an account and register the alarm at MiniFinder EZ-Start on
B: The settings from the personalized account may not have reached the MiniFinder. Make sure the MiniFinder is in an area with good GSM-coverage and resend settings.


12. I can't get in contact with my MiniFinder properly. It will not send an answer back.
A: Most probably the MiniFinder is in an area where the GSM-coverage is poor. Try again when in an area with better GSM-coverage.
B: Make sure there is money on the SIM-card.