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MiniFinder LIVE

MiniFinder LIVE GPS alarm



























































redKnows MiniFinder LIVE – route on map

With a redKnows MiniFinder Live you will be able to follow the route ”live” on a map on a website. In addition to that, MiniFinder Live also has the basic features of the MiniFinder, namely, sending an alert if it is disturbed or moved and traceablity via GPS and mobile phone.


MiniFinder LIVE GPS alarm


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MiniFinder Live is a small traceable GPS alarm with built-in antennas that gives its exact position via SMS. MiniFinder Live sends an SMS to your mobile phone if your property is disturbed or moved. You can call the MiniFinder at any time, to receive it's exact position. You will see exactly where it is located on a map at the mobile phone's display. In addition to these functions, the MiniFinder Live also sends its new positions in real time, every 30 seconds, as soon as it is on the move.

The alarm is ready to use as soon as a SIM-card has been inserted. Call it up and you will, within minutes, receive an SMS with a link to a map with the location. Once you have created your personal account on our website, and registered your MiniFinder Live you can activate the alarm functions:

  • Geofence alarm

  • Vibration alarm

  • SOS-alarm

To activate the alarms, and manage all MiniFinder's settings, you first need to register and configure your product. After sending the information to the MiniFinder, the alarms can be activated. The MiniFinder Live will also be positioned on the map and start displaying the route, as soon as it starts moving. However, until this is done, you can always call your MiniFinder and receive it's current position.

MiniFinder Live is designed to accommodate vehicles with limited space such as motorcycles, ATVs, contractor equipment, outboard motors, smaller boats etc. It is moisture (IP66) and shock resistent. MiniFinder Live is small and light weight, which makes it both easy to place and to carry with you.

MiniFinder Live features & benefits:

  • An alarm is activated if the property is:
    - moved (geofence)
    - disturbed (vibration)
    - low on battery
    - battery is disconnected

  • Precise GPS-location on map sent to your mobile phone

  • New GPS-positions are sent to a map on your personal redKnows account via GPRS every 30 seconds

  • Historical routes are available. No time limits

  • SOS function by remote control

  • Very user friendly product & easy to use

  • Quick do-it-yourself installation

  • No additional costs, except for SMS-traffic


Included in the basic packaging:

MiniFinder Live Tracking device with:
- GPS antenna, built-in
- GSM antenna, built-in
- Internal battery (10-35 h)
Remote controller, 1 pc
Charger, 230 V
Cable set for external power supply (1,4 m)

Mounting + screws

Manual in English

MiniFinder Live is presently sold only in the Scandinavian countries