A new member of the MiniFinder family: MiniFinder Multi. Possibility for increased protection through sensors
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Redknows MiniFinder – ”best in test”.
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News from redKnows

New MiniFinder product!

MiniFinder Multi, a new member of the MiniFinder family has been introduced. It gives you the possibility for increased protection through sensors and a siren. You can also add a relay for remotely steer a function in the boat och vehicle. For more information go to Producs / MiniFinder Multi!

Redknows MiniFinder – ”best in test”

The Swedish boat magazine, Praktiskt Båtägande ( gave the MiniFinder top marks in their test of GPS tracking devices, dec. 2010. The test included everything from manual & installation to a practical test of the geofence alarm. The MiniFinder was considered the best, both in performance and userfriendliness.

Last year 2009, the MiniFinder was voted best GPS-alarm in another boat magazine.

Unique cooperation stopped thieves

November 16, early morning, five Bobcats, with a market value of approximately 200 000 Euros, were stolen from a construction company in South of Sweden. The insurance company, Länsförsäkringar, had recommended that the owner equip the machines with redknows MiniFinder. Consequently a redknows had been installed in one of the Bobcats. Thanks to quick interaction and cooperation between the insurance company, Axtech (redKnows) and the Police, the thieves could be stopped in the evening on the 16th of November in Poland, and all machines could be returned to Sweden.

Doral installs redKnows in all boats

redKnows MiniFinder will be installed in all Doral boats and yachts sold in Sweden.
For more information contact us at Axtech AB or Doral Sweden (