A new member of the MiniFinder family: MiniFinder Multi. Possibility for increased protection through sensors
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Redknows MiniFinder – ”best in test”.
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EZ-Start redKnows configuration

redKnows EZ-Start is a configuration interface for your redKnows.

You will have to register your MiniFinder tracking system here before before use, to be able to activate any alarms such as geofence, vibration SOS etc. 


redKnows MiniFinder

Register / view your  MiniFinder account. Get to "Log in" by clicking on the button below. Choose prefered language in the upper right corner Before logging in on EZ-Start.



redKnows SBX-3

Configure your existing SBX-3 account. Log in by clicking on the button below.

Inloggning SBX-3


The SBX-3 is no longer sold by Axtech AB.