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How does a GPS tracking alarm work?

A redKnows MiniFinder alarm includes a GPS* transmitter and a GSM transmitter that receive and send signals. Through GPS the position of the MiniFinder is determined, by contacting satellites in circular orbits around the earth. The exact position is determined through triangulation. When an alarm is set off or when asked, MiniFinder forwards the GPS-position in a text message (GSM).

In case of a breach of the MiniFinder's geofence, or if the vibration alarm is set off – an alarm will be triggered and a text message is sent to the mobile phone numbers specified in the personalized redknows account.


Geofence alarm

Geofence stands for geographical fence. A breach of Geofence happens when the MiniFinder is moved out of the area it is allowed to be in. This area is set to a specific radius, between 250-2000 meters, in the personalized account on the redKnows website.

The MiniFinder ”wakes up” and checks it's position a regular interval. If the Geofence alarm is activated and MiniFinder registers that it is located outside of it's Geofence area, it immediately sends a GEO-alarm by SMS to the registered mobile phone numbers.









* GPS - means Global Positioning System, is a satellite-based position and navigation system. MiniFinder's GPS monitors at regular intervals the distance to the satellites and thereby determines its location.