A new member of the MiniFinder family: MiniFinder Multi. Possibility for increased protection through sensors
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Redknows MiniFinder – ”best in test”.
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Accessories for MiniFinder, MiniFinder LIVE & MiniFinder SENSOR


Remote control  Remote control, part no. 88816

Charger  Charger 230 V, part no. 88814

Cover  Cover, part no. 88815

Mount  Mount, part no. 88817

Cable set for 12V  Cable set for external power, part no. 88812

Mounting strap  Mounting strap

External GPS antenna  External GPS antenna, part no. 88813

Charger 12V  Charger 12V, Cigarette lighter socket, 88811



External Sensors for MiniFinder SENSOR

IR-sensor  IR-sensor wired, part. no. 99970

IR-sensor  IR Mini Sensor 100 wired, part. no. 99947

Magnet switch  Magnet switch, wired, part. no. 99975

Water level switch  Water level switch part. no. 99950-14